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Baby Movements in Pregnancy

The important message here is that if you feel that your baby has moved less today than yesterday or that he’s not moved as expected today (he maybe very active in the morning and not moved yet), phone the delivery suite of your local hospital and they’ll ask you to pop in to be checked over. A reduction in your baby’s movements isn’t always a sign that he’s distressed but the only way to know for sure is to get checked over by a midwife or doctor as soon as you notice that he’s not moving as much. Please read on and I’ll try to explain things in more detail.

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Mama Natural

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Mama’s natural choice for Bump, Birth & Baby – natural, organic and practical products for each stage of the baby journey

Mama Natural is a source of natural, organic and practical products for Mama and Baby. All of our products have been carefully selected and grouped into recommendations for each stage of the baby journey. Our aim is to help parents make choices on what they might need or want in their quest to ensure their Baby has a healthy start in life.

Here’s a summary of our recommendations for each stage:

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