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How To Take Control Of Your Labour

There are many things in labour that are vital and none moreso than the finely balanced work of your hormones, disrupt that balance and your body will fight to regain that balance. Now, as a species we’re rather quite good at giving birth, if we weren’t we simply wouldn’t be here; so why do we ‘need’ to have our ‘waters broken’ our ‘labour speeded’ up with hormone drips? Why do we need to be offered pain relief?

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Good Bacteria, Caesarean Sections & Solutions

So, I’m on a rant again! It’s now theorised that babies born by Caesarean section miss out on so much good bacteria from mum’s birth canal that this may be the cause of some allergic conditions, including asthma. “Great” I hear you say, “another problem caused by the medicalisation of birth”

But…what of the women that need Caesarean sections? There are occasions when a Caesarean section is the only safe method of birth for mother and baby, such as when the placenta covers the cervix, the entrance to the vagina. These women will feel that they have no choice in the matter.

So, here’s your dilemma; have a Caesarean section and raise the possibility that your child may develop allergic conditions or, take a very high risk with your and your baby’s life by declining the offer of Caesarean section. What an awful position to be in.

Surely there must be an alternative! Surely, in this day and age, with all our research and technology we can replicate things…

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