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Mary – Grandma to baby Jonah

Lesley is phenomenal! I traveled from America to be with my daughter for the birth of her second child, and I was looking forward to meeting her midwife. I’m a strong believer in natural childbirth and was looking forward to seeing the British system at work, having lived in various countries of the world and seen various approaches to childbirth. What a joy and privilege it was to get to know Lesley! She provided excellent care, support, and guidance every step of the way; including when my daughter encountered unexpected challenges as delivery approached. Lesley’s knowledge, wisdom, and sensitivity were the keys to how successfully the challenges were navigated and how beautifully the delivery went. Lesley is my midwife “dream-come-true”.

Kim – Mum to baby Jonah

I would have been lost without Lesley! Having a trusted professional by my side through antenatal care, Pilates & hypnobirthing classes, a peaceful birth, and early weeks with a newborn made all the difference in my pregnancy journey.

I knew I wanted personal specialized care after the birth of my first son ended in an emergency cesarean, leaving a lot of unanswered questions. Lesley gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to attempt a VBAC with the birth of Jonah. She was the perfect blend of professionalism and caring in a midwife. Lesley became a part of our family during this special time, providing physical care, and emotional support as well. Having antenatal appointments in the comfort of my own home allowed my husband and two year old to be involved every step of the way. In the end, when tough decisions needed to be made, I knew I could trust Lesley to present all my options in an unbiased way. I can’t stop recommending her services, Pilates classes, and book to all my pregnant friends.

Luke – Dad to baby Alexa, 29th December 2015

Lesley was our best pregnancy spend! Her knowledge, advice, friendship and expertise have been indispensable. My wife has confidence in her and has completely trusted her throughout this experience. I cannot rate her highly enough.

Philippa – Mum to baby Alexa, born 29th December 2015

Lesley was our best pregnancy spend!  Her knowledge, advice, friendship and expertise have been indispensable.  My wife has confidence in her and has completely trusted her throughout this experience.  I cannot rate her highly enough.

How to Care for Yourself After Birth

For many different reasons many of us will have very different births; some water, some forceps, some home and some caesarean. What’s important is that we are all new mums, individuals with individual needs. Over my many years as a midwife I have developed an array of knowledge and products on how best to enjoy this time.

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Home Vs Hospital

In a bid to discover which is the safest place to give birth a massive study of nearly 65,000 women was carried out in England. Over a two year period the ‘Birthplace in England’ study looked at mother and baby complication rates for hospital consultant led units, hospital midwife led units, stand-alone birth centres and home births.

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