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Bleeding From Your Vagina

This is not to be confused with your ‘show’ which is the mucus plug of your cervix. When your ‘show’ comes away it is usually a dark red or brown and mixed with mucous. When you bleed from your vagina it is fresh, red blood which varies in the amount. It is a warning sign and you should inform your labour ward or midwife straight away. Again there are many reasons why this would occur and it may happen with or without pain. The most common reason for bleeding is that there is an area of raw skin on your cervix which bleeds easily, especially after intercourse although not always. Another reason may be that your placenta is low lying and very close to or covering your cervix and may cause heavier blood loss. If this has been identified earlier in pregnancy you will have been made aware of this eventuality and what to do.

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Assisted Birth

Sometimes, despite everything that you have done to avoid one, and it is usually dependent on the shape of your pelvis, it is necessary to perform an assisted birth. Your baby could be showing signs of distress and it may be safer for you and him to have an assisted birth. Your baby’s head will probably be too low in your pelvis to make a Caesarean section a safe option. Also, a Caesarean section at full dilatation of your cervix carries a higher risk of infection and bleeding at this stage of your labour.

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