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Antenatal Classes

Private Bespoke Antenatal Classes

£60 per hour

Antenatal classes covering all aspects of labour, birth and baby and including visualisation, breathing and massage. The classes will prepare you for birth and baby whilst enjoying the relaxed and conversational atmosphere of the class.

Private Courses (6 hours)

Private Breathing & Relaxation Antenatal Class (2 hours)

Bespoke Private Antenatal Classes

When you book these courses of antenatal classes you will receive a complimentary copy of Lesley’s book, ‘The Bump, Birth & Baby Bible’, along with a bespoke aromatherapy oil blend for pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

Course Content – Private Breathing & Relaxation Antenatal Class

  • What is labour
  • What is pain
  • Effects of Hormones in Labour
  • Trusting your Body
  • Breathing & Relaxation

Course Content – Private Antenatal Classes (6 hours)

  • What you really need for baby
  • What to pack, how and when
  • What you need from a birth partner
  • Coping at home
  • When to call the hospital
  • Positions for a quicker, easier labour
  • Pain relief
  • Giving birth/Water birth
  • Complications
  • Once your baby is born
  • How to question the care you receive
  • Breathing, relaxation & visualisation
  • How to settle an unsettled baby
  • Caring for your baby and feeding
  • Getting back to normal and what to look out for
  • Adjusting to your new life and career break
  • Attachment parenting & bonding