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Private Birth Care

“I cannot recommend Lesley enough. She cared for us for our first child and our beautiful and healthy 10lb 3oz baby boy was delivered naturally without pain relief and with my wife smiling all the way through. Lesley gives ladies the confidence to have the birth they want and she gives partners the knowledge and understanding to be able to provide effective support throughout”.

Labour & Birth Care

Before you decide, an initial consultation appointment is organised so that you can meet with Lesley to determine she is the right person for you to have alongside you throughout your labour. There is no charge for this consultation.

For every family-to-be, childbirth represents a rite of passage. For those who wish that passage to be as calm, enjoyable and stress free as possible we will provide you both with all the support you will need. Lesley Gilchrist offers exclusivity for birth care and as such has a small caseload and therefore has  limited availability.

Home Birth

For homebirths we will provide all the equipment necessary including 2 midwives, who will support and provide clinical care to you during your birth; we’ll even settle you in and clear up afterwards. If you’re planning a waterbirth we will provide your birthing pool and apparatus.

Hospital Birth –
Clinical Care at Airedale Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

If you choose to have your baby in hospital Lesley Gilchrist will attend you at home to offer care and support and, when you’re ready,  to assist with your transfer to hospital. If you’re choosing a hospital birth, there is the option of having Lesley provide your clinical care throughout your labour, be involved in and have input into all discussions with the NHS staff regarding your care and advocate on your behalf should it be needed.  This service is only available within Airedale Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, if you opt for a different hospital, Lesley will remain to offer support whilst an NHS midwife provides clinical care. We will meet with you both during your pregnancy to help you to complete your birth plan, to discuss the birth itself. Once that’s all organised, Lesley Gilchrist  will be on-call 24 hours a day from 38 weeks of pregnancy to ensure that you receive all the support and care you need.

Caesarean Section 

If you are choosing an elective Caesarean section birth Lesley Gilchrist will meet you both on the morning of your caesarean birth, however if you were to go into labour before that date, if available, Lesley would also accompany you to hospital.

What’s Included

In addition to a complimentary copy of Lesley Gilchrist’s book ‘The Bump, Birth & Baby Bible’ you will also receive:

  • Complimentary birth plan consultation antenatally
  • Pre-birth assessment consultation
  • Private antenatal appointments from 38 weeks of pregnancy if you haven’t booked for the antenatal package
  • One to one care in labour and during your birth
  • Early labour assessment and care at home, plus support in hospital for your hospital birth
  • One to one postnatal support immediately following your birth

Full Package of Midwifery Care, Elective Caesarean Section Birth

  • Full Antenatal Care Package
  • Accompaniment to all Consultant and antenatal clinic appointments
  • Organisation & planning for a ‘natural Caesarean section birth’
  • Lesley Gilchrist will meet with you at the hospital on the morning of your caesarean birth
  • Support for you and your partner throughout your planned caesarean birth
  • If you were to go into labour before the date of your planned caesarean birth, if available, Lesley Gilchrist or Lesley Hilton will meet you at hospital and support you during your labour or caesarean birth
  • Support for at least 2 hours following your caesarean birth
  • Full Postnatal Care Package

Birth Support On-Call Cover

We all want the reassurance that our birth partners will be with us every step of the way, however sometimes unforeseen circumstances, such as family emergencies and work obligations may interfere with that.

Lesley will provide you both with reassurance during that time by making herself available on the days you require professional birth support. She is able to support you at home while you are cared for by your NHS midwife, or in hospital.

Lesley will meet with you both prior to going on-call to ensure that she fully understands your wishes and also to familiarise herself with your pregnancy.

The benefits that Lesley offers are vast, including her clinical knowledge and research on labour and birth and the close relationship she has built with staff in neighbouring hospitals.

By choosing a midwife to take the place of your birth partner, even at short notice, you will feel calm and confident in the knowledge that they will not only advocate your wishes on your behalf but also challenge unnecessary interventions.

Birth Debrief

“I found it extremely helpful and reassuring that it wasn’t my body failing in labour, but other factors. I definitely feel calmer about doing it again and armed to deal with the pregnancy and labour when they come…I honestly can’t thank you enough”   Erica

Occasionally your birth may not have gone to plan, you may feel that staff didn’t listen to you with your previous birth or perhaps you had tests and treatment were not adequately explained.

Not only can a birth debrief help to put your care into perspective, it’s also really helpful to see the ‘timeline’ of your birth and exactly how your labour and birth progressed. From there we will unpick each part of your labour and birth and focus on what could be done differently next time.  Lesley will explain why certain tests or treatments may have been necessary.

The debrief itself usually takes around 2 hours with an additional 1 hour spent reading of your medical notes prior to the meeting and writing a report for you afterwards. The insights into your labour experience may also have an impact on your ability to adapt to parenthood and Lesley is experienced in helping to identify potential issues and guiding you to obtain any additional support you may need.